i think i just may have figured out how to charge my cell phone. i have like a talk time of 30 seconds. it makes it really hard for me to talk to people.. you can see me running for my car charger every time someone calls me when i’m not at home. right now, i was able to call the time lady and hear the end of the time. that’s at least 60 seconds. not bad at all…


i talked to arthur for the first time in a while last saturday. i don’t quite remember what we talked about. the norm really..

girls – you know.. this summer marks 5 years since i’ve had a girlfriend. i also realized it marks 5 years since i’ve eaten red meat. coincidence? maybe… hmmm.. i don’t know if i even have the commitment to have one at the moment either.. i just can’t see myself driving out to see someone when it feels so nice to just come home and fall asleep. there’s that hassle of having to plan things for two people rather than one. *shrug.. there must be some good aspects somewhere. there is that one cute girl

church – yah… well.. sometimes.. (more often these days) i love rosemead. other times i realize i’m not in Kansas anymore.. (or rather LA) it’s really odd to me that i’m the only vegetarian at an sda church. coming from LA i was always surrounded by vegetarians. at rosemead it’s almost blasphemy. the smell of salmon (ask jooree to say it sometime to you; she says it like my mom or any other korean fob) was overpowering me and making feel sick to my stomach. i used to love this stuff. now.. hmm.. why do i enjoy fishing?

archiving currently isn’t working on this website. having some server issues and i’m not quite sure why. and i’m not interested enough to investigate it yet. maybe later.

after naming my guitar stephanie, i realized how many stephanie’s i know. i’m thinking maybe changing her name. eh.. i’ll still just call it my guitar.

this summer should be interesting. rather than taking calc 1B i’ve opted on physics 1A for the summer. that’s a lab and lecture from 8:30 to 2:30 monday through thursday. then i have a data structures class from 2:45 to 5:00. calc 1b would’ve taken me through to august 6th and i would’ve missed puc.

campmeeting better be worth it. (*shaking fist in air) it better

i’m gonna work out (yah right) then go to be bed (haha)