RatBrat22: did you see it?

timeToIMtim: the game?

RatBrat22: yes

timeToIMtim: yah

RatBrat22: wow.

timeToIMtim: i hiope the lakers lose

RatBrat22: i love kobe.

timeToIMtim: umm

RatBrat22: hahaha.. u don’t have to say anything

RatBrat22: shhhhhhhh

RatBrat22: [finger to lips]

timeToIMtim: haha

ok.. here’s the thing.. i grew up a lakers fan. i remember watching them with my family when they won in the 80’s with magic and kareem and byran scott. and of course that part of me will always be with me. and even though i’ve been a clippers fan for a while now, i always hope for the best for the lakers.

if only they could win without kobe.