… my server is down …

technically that’s not true

the livingwaterfellowship server is down

actually if i really wanted to i could just put the blog back on my server..

but i don’t feel like it.

so.. right now.. when you enter the website, you see page not existed messages..

well not right now.. cause if you can read this then.. the server is back up

it could be days…



before anyone sees this.

which is.. fine with me.

i’ve got a lot on my mind right now.. but i don’t want to write about it… ’cause you should know by now.. i screen what i write all the time.

i should clean my room.. i was moving furniture around last week and i haven’t put things in place since.. so everything’s cluttered here and there.. i suppose that’s how my head is right now. maybe if i clean it, it’ll clear my head..?

i’ve got two labs i gotta do for tomorrow… two lazy to start. never done labs before. i’ve already gone through 1/6 of summer school. that’s pretty insane..

sometimes i love rosemead church… sometimes.. i just can’t…

i can’t explain why