well.. yah..

i just weighed myself for the first time in 2 weeks… i’ve gained 5 pounds. 5 pounds since joining bally’s.. now i can be wrong.. but i don’t think it’s possible to gain 5 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks. especially since i’ve only gone to the gym twice since joining. what’s the heck is going on?.. i’ve been so thirsty lately too.

again.. i don’t know why.

i’ve been somewhat breaking out too. not so much.. but enough for me to just wonder about it. i’m going to be needing a haircut again soon. i’ve been sleeping for like.. 4 hours every evening around.. 4 to 8. i’m surprised how many missed calls i get around that time.

26-7. we lost 26-7. but i made a nice play on the ball to end the last inning. softball.

i know i had other things to write about but.. i can’t remember what..

o i need a desklamp

and i jammed my finger a couple weeks ago playing football.. and it still hurts