May 28, 2004

And4 Lee: hey

timeToIMtim: hey

And4 Lee: guess what

timeToIMtim: what

And4 Lee: this girl i went toHS with

And4 Lee: is now a porn star

timeToIMtim: haha

timeToIMtim: really

And4 Lee: haha

And4 Lee: yup

And4 Lee: i just found out today

And4 Lee: but i didnt know her

timeToIMtim: how was i supposed to guess that?

And4 Lee: i dunno

And4 Lee: its possible

And4 Lee: what if you did

And4 Lee: wouldnt that be really scary?

timeToIMtim: hahaha

timeToIMtim: it’d.. be weird

And4 Lee: i would be really afriad

June 6, 2004

susan m00ns: :]

timeToIMtim: =)

susan m00ns: guess what

timeToIMtim: you got the dress

susan m00ns: yup 😀

susan m00ns: the one that u liked best :]

timeToIMtim: wow

timeToIMtim: that’s weird

susan m00ns: ?

timeToIMtim: that i guessed it

susan m00ns: hehe