this djembe was handmade in africa. it was made in the country of mali where djembes are said to be made the best. cut from the wood of a geleni tree, the log is hollowed out with precision accuracy by the most skilled craftsmen of kangaba. it measures 24 inches high and 12 inches wide. it weighs 15 pounds. it’s constructed from one piece of wood. the drum head is of goat skin.

enough background… so i got this djembe from guitar center last monday. i originally wanted to get a much cheaper djembe but the sound on this one was so much better i couldn’t pass it up. the bass is really deep. it looks like the one that toca rivera uses (drummer in jason mraz’s band). makes me wanna go to a street corner and just jam with someone.

to think, i spent more on this than my first guitar. now to find someone to play it for praise… bet vivian can learn it