dearest jooree…

you always say… “you’re my rock, tim”…

sometimes, h20 can be ice. cold to the core. stubborn to change shape.

sometimes, it can be like steam. it disappears without a trace. burns if i get too close.

but most of the time it’s in the state between. like a river of water. constantly moving with wreckless regard of what’s ahead. announcing to the world that it’s there. destroying whatever’s in it’s way.

you’re like all these things to me…


ice can be refreshing on certain days

steam makes the heaven’s rain.

and water, water is essential to live; you are essential to me. and like the rocks in the grand canyon, you shape who on me. you can smooth out my rough edges and at times pick me up and take me in a new direction.

jooree.. i don’t know exactly why i’m writing this letter. i just feel.. it’s a time of change in my life.. and at the same time, i feel like you’re at a defining point in your life too. lately.. i’ve been worrying where you’re going with it. or what you’re doing with it. you’re one of my closest friends but at the same time.. sometimes i don’t know where you are.

i just hope you make the right decisions

and you know i’ll be around even if you make the bad ones..