i have a little more time in between classes today. there was no lab; we just asked the teacher how to solve certain problems. i’d like to state now.. that i’m sick of symbolic math. give me some numbers to add up! i literally laughed out loud in class today… by myself. i zoned out for what i seemed like a long time.. and when i came to, dr. shi was still working on the same problem. i seem to zone out a lot in class…

why do i need physics anyways? i’m not in engineering. and i hated it in highschool. and i haven’t taken calculus in 2 years. what made me think i could take sped up summer session of physics… another midterm tomorrow. we’ll see how it goes. the q&a; today ended well though.. i understood the last thing he said. yay…

i already chose classes for next semester. 1 guitar class, 2nd semester calculus, and 3 computer classes. we’ll see how that goes. taken full loads gives me things to do.

i think i’m a couple shades darker. i went to the beach 3 times last weekend. i’m going again this friday. to surf… with jay… i’m thinking about getting a board. that or building a new computer…

i was contemplating buying a 64-bit processor.. it’s pretty cheap, but it’s the socket 7somethings but amd is changing to socket 9somethings.

there is that camera i want to get too.

i was watching a surf show the other day. right now i don’t remember what it’s called.. but i thought to myself.. none of these surfers have wetsuit tans. that makes no sense whatsoever.

ida read my palm at the airport. she said i had an interesting hand. she was explaining how there is some validity to palm reading. not persay to read the future, but more of how your life is at the moment. the hands are rather important parts of the body and sometimes internal emotions can come out in our hands.. i don’t think i explained that right.

but she did say something like… every time there’s a major moment in your life. tramatic experience or joyful whatever… your hands change…

apparently my hands are showing that i might be in love right now. or emotionally involved or something.

i think it could be just cause i had gone 40 hours without sleep when she read my palm. from saturday morning 7 oclock to 2 oclock monday morning, i didn’t get any sleep. damn joe and his “let’s talk”. the weekend was hectic. i went to the airport 3 times and logged about 7 hours of parking there. i went to the beach, friday and sunday twice.

going to the beach at 8 in the morning is actually kinda fun. there’s.. no one there and there’s this.. crispness in the air. i really like it. i don’t think i’d ever be able to leave CA or rather southern cal. the weather is so great around here.

someone finally asked me to help out at PUC and it wasn’t rosemead. juliana wants me to help out for vbs.. i’m not sure if she’s serious but yah… hmm… hehe

i was/am seriously contemplating not going. of course, crystal would kill me.. but that’s a different story entirely. (or would she even care) ok.. she’d kill me for saying that.

i think it’d make life easier if i didn’t go.. but i probably will.. *shake head

anyways.. this weekend was the first time i talked to ida in 3 years… well seriously.. it could’ve been 5. but from the start of the weekend she told me i seemed to have changed a lot… which is a good thing i suppose. i had so much growing up to do. i still do.. she said i seemed less depressed or something.

at the same time i was getting my palm examined i was being psycho-analyzed by sarah. she told me i was very melancholy sanguine. which of course doesn’t make sense to me.. cause they seem to be to be opposites..

though it wasn’t the first time i heard i was this…

probably won’t be my last

gotta go to class