you know.. i saw bourne supremacy the other day.. saturday night. and it was by far the worst camera job i’ve ever seen.. they give you that feel you get when you watch 24 on fox where they move the camera back and forth like you’re there and drunk.. but bourne supremacy over does it.. i still have a headache from watching it. they say that the car chase scene is one of the best but the movie didn’t keep me entertained enough to watch it.. terrible movie

i just came back from watching king arthur… (i go through movie bursts) it was alright. i thought the performance of arthur wasn’t that great. and i thought gweneviere(sp?) was too dirty? i won’t spoil the movie.. but yah.. only a couple cheesy scenes. battle scenes weren’t spectacular. not much character development. but it wasn’t bad.

i thought spiderman was pretty great. i seem to love all those comic book come to life movies.. though catwoman does not appeal to me at all. i think they did a bad job of advertising it.

i want to see.. the village. preferrably before i go to puc… so i get freaked out whenever i walk on those paths at night…

going surfing tomorrow

and friday

i’ve gone 4 times with my board. just 12 more times and i start saving money because of it. i’ve only had it one week. o.. i went to huntington beach on tuesday.. that’s where they’re having that surfing competition. waves were kinda small. not really any cool tricks.. just up and down the wave. something i can’t do.. but doesn’t seem to spectacular to me.. but it does motivate me to try harder. i got up for the first time on tuesday. i’m starting to really get a good feel for my board.

if you ever want to get me anything, i’ll make it really easy. buy me something for my car, my guitar or surfing. you probably can’t go wrong with anything there. i’m pretty picky about my computer stuff.