just recap

we won our softball game.  the first time the team has won.  funny thing is pj wasn’t there to enjoy it.  he couldn’t play because of some stomach problem?..  so he still hasn’t won a game in 3 years.. hehe

praise was terrible last weekend… we tried to sing this one song.. and it turned out horribly.  *shake head.. sometimes.. it just kills me.

i think i got sunburn for the first time yesterday while surfing.  my back feels pretty bad right now.  i didn’t wake up early enough to go surfing today… i met up with sarah late last night.  i suppose i still could go… but i already plan on going every other day this week.  so.. maybe i’ll take it easy.  i think my body needs the rest anyways.  i’ll probably just go work out today.

of course all this working out and surfing leads to nothing except me getting darker and more poor.   i see/feel no change…  i guess the late nights eating ice cream shakes doesn’t help either…

to do list

  1. surf
  2. call churches
  3. surf
  4. go to my grandparents
  5. surf
  6. clean my car
  7. surf
  8. workout
  9. surf
  10. pay for classes
  11. surf
  12. give my car an oil change
  13. surf

btw.. i don’t particularly like the song, pieces of me by ashlee simpson… her voice is.. really weird to me.