“And it’s like

Every time I turn around

I fall in love and find my heart face down and

Where it lands is where it should

This time it’s like

The two of us should probably start to fight

cause something’s gotta go wrong ’cause I’m feeling way too damn good

Feelin’ way too damn good”

– nickelback

there’s a line in this song that every time i hear it.. i think it’s something. i’ve gone to nickelback website just to check on it.. and.. says again.. i’m wrong with what it says… but the line is…

“this time it’s like the two of us should probably start to fight”

what i hear is..

“this time it’s like the two of us should promise God to fight”

i like the what i hear better… it’s almost like.. trying to fool God to believe i’m having a tough time when i’m really not.


if you haven’t been seeing me online a lot of late.. it’s not a fluke. i haven’t been actually coming online. i’ve been having some PS problems so my computer just reboots at random times. annoys the crap out of me. so.. i’m contemplating.. delaying buying a board another week to fix this computer. last friday night i was working on writing this article and when i was almost done… it shut down.

today.. while i was trying to fix it with the computer still on… not a smart move btw… i caught my finger on the processor fan and broke a fin. i’m going to have to go buy a replacement for that now too. to compensate for the broken fin i broke the fin opposite of that one.

now my computer runs about.. 3 celsius hotter. but i’m not sure if it’s because it’s 94 degrees outside right now.

i’ve been going surfing once a week and i can totally tell i’m getting much darker. i’ve been paying 20 bucks every time i’ve gone out and it’s starting to add up… i’m thinking.. if i go.. about 15 times.. it’s equivalent of if i bought my own board. but this computer… sigh.

you should see the rash on my chest/stomach. it’s getting better… i’ve been told you get used to it though. i don’t think you can ever get used to the nipple chaffing… i need new board shorts.

john mayer is performing this saturday.. and i totally want to go.. though i don’t think anyone else is as enthusiastic about it as me. so i probably won’t end up going. times like this i wish i had a girl to take.