here’s a picture i took of

ethan and bora last weekend

i photoshopped it a little bit.

then i photoshopped it a little more.

can you imagine shaq saying.. “can you dig it” in a miami heat uniform?

the clippers just traded away eddie house and melvin ely… wow.. i was able to remember who got traded without looking it up.. to get more cap space. they’re making a serious run at kobe. imagine if kobe does go to the clippers… the lakers.. would look like the clippers 3 years ago. (now starting power forward… lamar odom!)

what happens when a player you hate is on a team you love. well.. i suppose most laker fans experienced this with gary payton last year. it’s no secret i hate kobe. puts up 20 shots and makes about 7 every game, turns the ball over when it’s crucial… you know why the lakers had so many last second shots/last minute comebacks last year? ’cause kobe coughed up the ball or missed an easier shot before. like shawn green on the dodgers, i suppose i’m going to have to live with it.

think of it from kobe’s perspective though.. who would you rather have as teammates

payton, odom, brian grant, malone?


rookie pg, corey maggette, chris kaman, elton brand.

someone has to step in and fill the void of Q leaving. the lakers are going to look ugly next year. they’re going from a 7’2″ 300+ center to one that’s 6’8″. it’d be smarter for kobe to come to the clippers.. though we all know.. kobe isn’t the brightest apple of the bunch. (apple turnover)

on a side note the nba salary cap is at about 48 million. baseball has a cap that’s a little above 100. i believe football is in the 80’s. anyone else find this to be insane? how about the owners pay the players 90 percent less and make ticket prices 90 percent cheaper. 10 bucks to park at dodgers stadium! come on.

go dodgers… first place in the first half. maybe depo is on to something. fantasy baseball is stressing me out a little too much.. i contemplating not playing next year. the rosemead commisioner is a cheater though. i hate when people abuse their powers.

the parts i ordered are due to arrive on july 19th. each day it’s been getting a little bit harder for me to keep my computer on. i hope i’m not screwing up my mobo right now. that’d suck even more. i’m currently running at 41 degrees… yesterday i was at about 39. i don’t even attempt to play warcraft anymore.