“I broke into your house last night

And left a note at your bedside

I’m far too shy to speak to you at school

You leave me numb and i’m not sure why”

– snow patrol

for some reason.. that song reminds jooree of me. so now it reminds me of her

right now i’m fighting the urge to eat a frozen pizza… and i think i’m going to lose. today i ate.. 3 cinnamon rolls and half this hawaiian bread. i keep telling myself i gotta sacrifice until i win this bet with jennifer cha.. but food can be so.. appealing sometimes..

the heat has been killing me. it’s been killing my computer. i ordered a new ps and cpu fan. it’s on transit as we speak from houston texas. i bought both hoping they’d be super quiet. we’ll see…

puc’s only 2 and a half weeks away! hopefully puc will be cooler than it is here. i know andre hall can be killer on a hot day.

all day i daydream about surfing on friday. i actually look up surfing websites now.. and i cut my hair every 2 weeks so i don’t have to worry about doing it after i surf.