they’re like 2 goofy little chubby men


i got the board today.. picked it up at 6:45 at the 76 gas station in front of usc medical… next to church.  then went over to my brother’s house, waxed it and went surfing with jay.  the board is a beaut.  i bought a leash for it for 20 bucks.  i think the people at bruce jones recognize me now..


i think i’m going out on friday again.. and anytime i can next week.. then there’s puc campmeeting then i have another 2 weeks of free time…


i also received my computer parts yesterday.  the ps seems to be working really well.  my rails are higher than they’ve ever been.  i’m not sure about my fan.  i stay at about.. 42 degrees.  but for some reason.. when my screen saver kicks in.. it jumps to 57 or so.  which is.. hot.


it’s hot today.. it’s making me drowsy.. i think i’m going to take a nap