my favorite picture of the week.

for some reason, i took a lot of pictures of jasmine

josh and steven at vbs

my new desktop background

heidi… who left without saying bye

ok.. the reason i’m showing this picture is because i fell down right after i took the picture.

it looks worse in person

here’s jennifer cha laughing at my misfortune.. man i missed her


crystal after i pushed her in

my vbs group

andrew, josh, kyle, lianne, jeremy, sarah lee, julie, kevin

missing – shawn

shiny – i took her puc

i spent so much time with her

josh exhausted

pic of jina

me.. exhausted


if you look carefully at this picture.. you can see me

tina.. who is sitting behind sarah yoon… has the best bowling form i’ve ever seen. she’s pretty awesome.

junction cafe waitors

jina, bryan exhausted

ok.. the falling down… after i took that one picture.. i ran up next to heidi to take another picture of the people walking in front of us. and while i was taking the next picture, my feet slipped. i had juliana’s camera in my right hand and the camcorder in my left hand, so in a split second decision i decided to land on my arm. maybe.. i should’ve just landed on the camera…

i was so accident prone…


scraped up right arm

scraped up right wrist

scraped up left knee

scraped up right knee

sore on my inner lip since tuesday

blister on right index finger

blister on right thumb

reaggrevated right pinky

i’m still pretty exhausted… but i’m thinking about goign surfing now. i’ve missed it