i was looking through the puc pix that are taking up space on my computer. and i found this picture.. i liked it so.. now it’s up.

she’s probably the most photogenic person i know.. not that grace’s ugly in person either.

looking at the pictures, i realize i haven’t talked to christine since puc. i’ve been telling everyone i didn’t have time to meet new people at puc. but that’s actually a lie. i met plenty of new people, but christine is some one i actually reached out to talk to. hmm.. i talked to her on the first day.. and the last day. i haven’t talked to her since.

don’t know why it bothers me..

anyways.. i’ve been weighing myself a lot these days.. i’m pretty amazed by what the scale says. since the beginning of summer i’ve gained 13 pounds. when june started i was a 135. a 135 i’ve been for about.. 3 years now. now.. last week i hit about 143.. now, i weigh myself and i get about 147 or 148. oddly enough.. i look the same to myself.. if that makes sense. that’s what my sister tells me too.

i’m not sure if it’s related, but i’ve been working out like crazy of late. if i’m not surfing i go to the gym. i think the whole olympics thing is getting to me and i feel like i got to get in shape. the air the volley ball players get is so incredible. the speed the track stars run is amazing. i tried to run a mile on the treadmill and i struggled to make a 7.30 mile. every night watching the olympics, there was this one song that came up on a commercial all the time. i finally figured out what it was yesterday, and i turns out i already have the song.

baby there’s something about you there

I can hold on to

I’m going to hold on to that

– five for fighting –

i bought a rack for my car off ebay. i bought it on monday but the guy still hasn’t sent it to me.. i think it’s starting to stress me out. hopefulyl it’ll come out alright. it’s the OEM rack plus a snowboard add-on. yah.. snowboard.. i need to buy a surfboard add-on. but if it’s all that it’s described it’s a steal for how much i got it.

now.. i’m getting ready to buy a camera. i pretty much have my mind set on the casio exilim ex-z40. but.. i will do a little more research before hand. i’ve been spending so much money lately. but yah.. i have nothing else to spend it on.. haha

i suppose i could spend it on my little nephews. they’re so cute