i was watching eyewitness news right now.. and they told this story. apparently a 60 year old man was waiting to catch a wave and a whale came from behind him and lifted him up on his board for a couple seconds..

here’s the story on cnn

it’s kind of hard to believe, but i think it could’ve happen.. i mean, i’ve seen dolphins come within inches of me before.. i suppose whales can be just as playful..

can you even fathom that though?

anyways.. in other news… the bank just called me to tell me that someone had found my wallet and called bofa to get my number. all the cards are cancelled in that thing.. i’m not sure if i really need it. and i feel it’s kinda iffy. why couldn’t the woman just send me the wallet? maybe she wants cash?

i’ve bought parts for a new computer.. i’m not sure why i did.. i’m completely content with the one i have now. and i’m kind of short on money. i’m thinking about buying a plane ticket… but i didn’t get as much money as i had hoped for my birthday.

it’s times like this i wish i had a credit card so i could ruin my credit like everyone else my age.

o.. i added a new feature to my website. i syndicated it. i’m not sure why. i doubt anyone will use it except me but if you use my.yahoo.com or maybe a newsreader… (who uses those)… my xml file is http://livingwaterfellowship.com/youth/timothy/atom.xml. if you don’t know what this means.. well… i didn’t either until a couple days ago. it’s kinda of cool seeing my website on my.yahoo.com

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