my favorite verse…

my favorite chapter…

when i feel like i’m not

having a good day..

so far.. my weekend has been pretty terrible.. first off, surfing on friday (there was some huge waves) i ran into doug and his board left a dent on my surfboard 2 inches long. it’s being repaired at bruce jones but it’s going to take more than a week to fix!

i can’t find my wallet! i haven’t used it since.. thursday.. i lose that thing every 3 months.. man.. i had only 5 bucks in there but.. replacing all the cards in there are just going to be a hassle.

tomorrow.. or.. today is my last softball game.. kinda bummed about that..

i have a test and project due on monday. man.. i’m dying in calculus. it’s kinda.. hard when.. i can’t remember what an integral is..