(i have a couple minutes in between classes)

i just bought my camera. it’s a casio ex-z40. i got it from butterflyphoto.com for 291. but i got suckered into buying an extra battery for it. so it cost a little more than that. now.. i’m in the red.. well.. not quite..

right now, i owe mike 80 bucks for a surfboard rack add-on. i owe my mom 97 for the rack and snowboard add-on… both i bought on ebay. neither of which i have received. and i have 45 dollars due on my old navy credit card. and i owe this guy 30 bucks for softball. maybe i should’ve waited a little bit before i got this camera. i currently only have 90 bucks in my checking account. and it totally freaks me out. i’ve never had less than 100 bucks in there. and only once have had it under 200. i hate being under 300… i have yet to buy my books as well. i seem to always buy expensive things right before my birthday.

i realize most of my money.. well i don’t realize it. i’ve always known it to be true.. but most of it goes to eating. i spend 5 bucks most days on food… minimum.. but that comes out to at least 150 bucks a month… crystal says i should eat rice and geem and kimchi.. save a lot of money that way.. probably help lose some weight..

yah.. i’m at a steady 145 right now. haven’t worked out in about a week.. haven’t surfed since last sunday… i’ll go work out tonight.. and maybe tomorrow. and surf friday?.. maybe.. i think i’m totally suffering through surfing withdrawal. i mean.. it’s only been.. 3 days.. but just the fact that i know i can’t go surfing even if i want to.. kind of.. kills me.

this week is by far.. one of the longest weeks i’ve had in a long time.. i can’t believe it’s only wednesday!..

it’s weird.. this girl across the desk from me.. keeps smiling at the monitor… i’m sure she’s enjoying whoever she’s talking to but.. from this point of view.. it just looks.. weird..

it’s kinda like my little nephews.. sometimes.. out of the blue they start smiling… melts my heart whenever i see it.. but at the same time.. it seems really random.

class schedule

m – 11 – 4:20

t – 11 – 2:30

w – 11 – 2:30

th- 11 – 12:20

can you believe that’s 16 units? man.. it’s so much better than last year when i had 2 hour breaks between each one of my classes… o.. parking is so much worse this semester.. julie ha.. if you’re reading this… i’ve been parking down your street every day. i tried to park next to your house.. but that street is always busy. i have yet to use my parking permit.

some people are so computer illiterate it’s almost funny. almost.. well.. not really. rather it’s annoying… i’m sure the people that work here get sick of it..

anyways.. whenever i feel like i’m short on money.. i get very irritable.. i start stressing about stupid things.. so… yah.. i’m sorry if i bite your head off anytime before my next couple paychecks… if i bite your head off anytime after.. it’s just ’cause i don’t like you.