ethan needs some sun.. i’m not sure what i should write about..


i was never able to find my wallet.. i got all my cards replaced except my school id. my drivers license should be in the mail in about 4 weeks. lost all my pictures though and i’m not too happy about that. i’ve been looking to buy a new coach wallet… and people say i’m being HM about it… but it’s just cause i really liked my old wallet and the wallet i had to replace it really sucked.

i got my surfboard back on saturday.. the guy working at bruce jones went on and on on how he wanted to take my board out and surf in different spots. he must’ve asked me 3 times if i wanted to sell it… afterwards, i took it out for.. 15 minutes or so.. caught two waves. it felt really good but roy wanted to take out for a little bit.. so i let him.. my rack works really well. the surfboard is really stable on the roof.

pic from about 3 months ago.. seems like such a long time ago.. i believe i started surfing around that time..

do i look the same?


this is the start of my 23th year. and.. actually technically it’d be the start of my 24th year.. but yah.. i went through so much change as a 22 year old.. and i don’t think any of that change’ll stop. God’s constantly bringing me new adventures.. and bringing up old ones as well. it’s kinda funny how things sort of go into place sometimes..