maybe i should go get it checked out. before going to class this morning, i weighed myself and i hit a number a milestone today.. well that’s not technically true.. in high school.. i weighed in at about 160.. but today, when i weighed myself.. i was an even 150 pounds.

incredulous.. i stood up on it again..


i called my mom over.. she said she didn’t believe it.. “go on the scale again”


“where do you put all that weight?”

i have no clue.. maybe i should start running more at the gym. maybe i should stop eating out.. i only imagine how much weight i’d lose if i’d just stop eating out. if i stopped drinking soda and drinking water instead.. i think i’d decrease my caloric intake by 300 calories a day. that’s.. 4200 every 2 weeks… that’s almost a pound every 2 and a half weeks. but.. wild cherry pepsi.. is my kryptonite… well no… that’d have to be flaming hot fries..

last saturday.. i ate.. two shin ramens, flaming hot fries.. and a jja jjang noodles.. my face.. broke out on sunday..

o btw.. have you ever seen that horse racing game before… something derby by sega… anyways.. waiting around at the bowling alley.. having nothing to do, i played the game… and it’s actually pretty interesting… (though i’m not sure if it’s worth 50 cents).. anyways.. i named my horse.. crystal..

the game says i spoil her too much and she doesn’t listen to me at all…