our softball team won last sunday, 12-11. after the first inning, we were losing 7-0 and it didn’t look good at all.. but somehow our defense completely turned around.

here’s han’s take on it

“It was by far the best softball we played this season. Defense was awesome after our 1st inning. Especially our outfielders, Daniel, Ryan, Tim and Raymond. Wait, did i forgotten someone? Hmm..Yea good job guys! Tim with the acrobatic catches. Raymond played solid on rightfield. Ryan, who is that Guy? Daniel, got to throw the ball once..The Injury God bless him with a aprain ankle. Oh yeah PJ…Pj…was PJ. But, don’t forget PJ just ended his 30 plus lossing streak. finally, the Korean Slugger was rewarded his first victory. ”

– han kwon

acrobatic catches… apparently right before i catch a ball.. it looks like i have no idea where the ball is. which.. is the case most of the time.. haha