i made this list with crystal.. a different crystal almost a year and a half ago… and for some reason.. i felt like coming back to it.. and.. well.. if you didn’t know already.. i’ve been dating crystal for a little over a month now.. but anyways.. here’s.. and a check mark if crystal fits the bill…

1. a smile that can make my heart melt

it’s amazing how much i love her smile

2. can make cookies that i can’t stop eating

– shrug.. i have a feeling she’s going to cook nothing but nustart

3. tells me i should stop eating.. but keeps making me cookies

she does tell me to stop eating..

4. asian

5. christian

6. 5’4″ or shorter

exactly 5’4″

7. willing to throw a football around or hit a baseball

– i think so

8. musical

9. makes me a better person


10. can carry a conversation with me without saying a word.

11. willing to try new things

12. likes outdoors

– i think so

13. can call me at any hour without me getting mad

14. competitive

15. has tact

– hmm.. i’m not sure about this one

16. can stop me from doing anything just by holding my hand..

17. sarcastic

18. common sense

19. knows how to flirt

wonder if she knows how not to flirt

20. eyes that can pierce right through me

one of the biggest reasons why i fell for her..

21. has hugs i don’t want to let go of

22. little jealous

i think so

23. not selfish

24. knows how to debate

we don’t really fight

25. navel ring

– not really a priority anymore

26. knows how to use a computer

– sigh.. definite no.. hehe

27. knows i’m the head of the house.. but knows shes the neck

– hmm.. this is from my big fat greek wedding i think..

28. fast learner

29. knows how to drive well

– the thought of her driving befuddles me

30. sing together

we haven’t yet..

31. not condescending

32. can do things on her own

33. let’s me open doors for her

34. family oriented

very much so

35. can make 7 hours feel like 30 minutes

36. willing to go to baseball games

root for the other team though

37. willing to let me watch sunday sports

she’ll watch’m with me

38. let’s me play sports with the boys

try to stop me

39. worries that i might get hurt playing sports with the boys

40. doesn’t whine

doesn’t really whine at all..

41. someone i want to change for

42. smells great

– haha.. i’m not sure if she has a smell

43. not a priss

– what does this mean

44. dresses nice

45. trustworthy

46. mostly trusting

i think

47. understanding

i hope

48. looks good wearing anything

i know

49. great butt

– hmmm.. i haven’t a clue about this one

50. won’t hurt me


51. doesn’t expect me to shower her with gifts

52. doesn’t expect me to be perfect

53. makes me think i’m perfect

54. not picky

well if she’s dating me, she’s not..

55. loves me

– i don’t know

56. knows how to kiss *muah*

57. knows when i should sleep

58. feels bad when she keeps me up

59. knows she can’t always be my top priority

60. makes this list obsolete blows the list away..

ok.. number 56 is why i actually looked at this list.. ’cause i thought it was weird when i originally put this on my list.. but.. crystal.. actually does this..