i pretty much did that all day. got to the soccer field by 7, started playing@9? stayed until.. 4? i played for a half and half of a half. that’s what.. 30 minutes?

it’s been some time.. and i was planning on not saying anything about the tournament.. but after seeing this picture on the rosemead website.. i felt i should..

it really disgusted me how competitive people can be at a church event. every game you watch, you hear grown men twice my age, cussing at each other in korean. it kills me how dirty some of the players are. (let’s not mention number 32 of la central – makes my blood boil). i don’t remember the first touney i played in being so bad.

the rosemead youth’s agent.. mike.. is discussing practice times with the adults.

i suppose to sway a better deal, mike told the adults i was going to play for the la central team. andrew’s dad told me he’d give me more playing time and a personal jersey. if i get to shake hands with the other team, it’s more playing time for me

i really enjoy playing soccer. one of my more memorable times when i was younger was playing in that one soccer league for a year. KYST. apparently bora was in that league too? weird..

originally, i was going to ask kange’s dad if i could play for la central. my only stipulation.. if i saw number 32 or that one coach playing dirty or being stupid, i’d walk off the field. i’d much rather play for rosemead though. they started me up playing soccer again and i feel an obligation/comradry with them.

seems soccer cuts into my surfing time though..

we’ll see what happens..

**odd moment on that day – that one glendale guy.. the oldest one.. he came up to me and hugged and smiled at me randomly in the middle of the day.