well.. looking at the stats for this website, i realized.. the next hit is going to be my 10,000th hit since i added the counter 3 years ago. this is quite an accomplishment for me.. this website being not a xanga site and having no links to it other than my own buddy profile.

as appreciation.. i’m giving free ice cream at coldstones to the one that got me over the top. if you’re reading this.. chances are you’re the one! sign my guestbook or im me.. (it’ll probably be easier to sign my guestbook.. i’d appreciate it more) and i’ll get back to you to see if you were the 10000th. if you live far away.. this might be harder.. because i’d want to eat some too..

chances are… the hit will come from either susan, jonathan or grace… but who knows

there’s a chance the hit will come before i finish this blog.. hehe

looking over my guestbook hits.. it’s like.. a time capsule for me. i see who was important to me.. who was part of my life… who was thinking of me. some names surprise me.. some names.. don’t.. (like every other one seems to be a grace).. hit up my guestbook and.. well.. you’ll share that place in my memory..

i’ve had quite a bit of hidden guestbook hits of late…

sometimes.. though.. when i look over my blogger archives.. i realize.. i leave out a lot of things.. i leave out my deepest feelings whether they may be good or bad. i rarely ever talk about people in general. i’ve only directly written the word “Grace” 11 times in the past 3 years and they’re not all about the same people. the only times i’m truly true to myself is when i write the prayers.

maybe i should rename this to




that being said.. i think you can sense my inner emotions in my blogs. when i’m sad.. i seem to write more depressing things.. when i’m happy.. it shows in the writing. when i’m.. blah.. i don’t seem to write as much. it’s what’s really written in between the lines that’s important.

i take this blog not as a diary.. but a journal.. when i first started this.. i was a deeply emotional guy.. not that i’m not now.. i was told i needed a place to vent my emotions and i think it’s helped a lot..

i thank you for being a part of this blog and this life of mine.