the last couple weeks have been really interesting for me. if you’ve been looking for me to post.. i’m sorry.. i’ve been trying to keep myself away from the computer of late. that’s proven to be a little problematic for me being a cs major and all.

i revisited my past a couple times .. and made plans for my future.

i did something i thought i never could do.. and did something i never wanted to do. i realized.. i’m not as stubborn as i once was.. i’m not as unhappy as i once thought.

love was again.. the underlying theme of my life. it’s an amazing thing… something i still quite haven’t understood. is it a feeling or.. is it more? grace is amazing as well. it has enabled me to atone for my biggest roadblock in my spiritual life. now.. i can grow again. now i can move.

all i can do is trust God. i don’t know what tomorrow’ll bring but… i trust that i’ll be able to face it. i trust it’ll turn out good at the end.