well.. sorry for not posting of late. if you don’t know why.. well.. it’s because i broke my elbow a couple weeks ago.. and it’s hard enough to type with one hand on aim.. writing paragraph after paragraph on a blog is pushing it.

as if i’m wolverine.. i already have my cast off after a week and a half. my first doctor said i might need surgery. my second said i probably have torn ligaments.. the doctor i saw today, he said i still had a broken bone.. but i’d be fine… so i have no cast…

“everything happens for a reason…”

breaking my bone forced me to have to talk to my mom. i was furious with her and the first thought after breaking my arm.. after wondering if i made the goal.. was that this would force me to have to talk to her…. my mom came to the ER that day.. and in the middle of hospital with only a thin cloth curtain as our barrier from the outside world, her and i verbally sparred.

no nurse or doctor came in until we stopped. there were no sounds from outside that curtain. for a time, it seemed God.. wanted us to finish what we had to say..

in the end.. i got to speak my mind.. and i told her about my future plans.. she.. was in turn… amazingly understanding.. surprisingly.. i was ready for her to bite my head off..

another blessing of this broken bone.. was i got to see how the praise team would do without me. they’re still rough around the edges but.. they’re getting pretty good.

all this.. and it looks like i’ll still be able to snowboard this winter…

Thank God…


Dear God,

you lead me,

i will follow.

give me a sign.


*if none of this made sense.. well.. i took me a long time to write this cause i kept getting distracted…