alright.. flash back 1-02-04… here were my resolutions

buy a new instrument –

got my stephanie

stay vegetarian –

still.. going strong

give blood 6 times – hmm.. i don’t think i got this one

tell someone i love them –

tell someone i like them –

be able to do 25 pull ups by june; 40 by december –

although.. by summer i was able to do 20.. breaking my arm has probably reduced that

do something i didn’t know i could do –

yah.. many things

be certified in something – no

finally get a pcc id card –

bench more than my weight –

i did for a time, probably can’t anymore

trust myself –

a little wary sometimes

trust God –

yah.. sometimes that’s all i have

set out a plan –

yup.. i’ve got my next 2 or so years in check

finish my song – gotta work on this one

i’ll… make a new resolution for next year in a little bit… anyways.. i think that’s 11/14? that’s a pretty good ratio.. hopefully next year will be just as good