i was contemplating the word pescaterian… it’s a made up word used frequently by la central people back in the day meaning they’re vegetarian but they also eat fish.. which means they aren’t vegetarian. but i was thinking.. if an animal is a carnivore, where does it get it’s vitamins and minerals from that come from vegetables and fruit. does it not need them?

anyways.. i’m sorry for not posting of late. i haven’t had my camera for a while so i can’t do a simple picture upload post and… frankly i’ve been busy so i haven’t had time to do a deep thought post.. i’ve been working a new year’s resolution post with a 2004 recap post.. but that’s been taking longer than i expected. and it’s already halfway through january… the year is already 1/24 done.. isn’t that.. kinda insane..

well.. i’ll write more in a little bit.. i have to go pick up a dvd from best buy.. yah.. i’ve bought… 8 dvd’s this month already.. i can’t stop myself for some reason.. i’m already planning on buying 3 more and i bought a shirt at ae.. a store i’ve never bought clothes from but there was a 20% discount..

i gotta stop.