looking at my calendar.. though i don’t have one.. i realized it’s already almost february. i’ve been meaning to write a review of my last year and my resolutions for this but like cleaning my room, i’ve been putting it off to do other things. now i find myself already.. 1/12th into 2005..

doesn’t it just seem like y2k was at most a year ago?.. now it’s just an obscure answer to a question you find in games like trivial pursuit… time seems to go so fast.. anyways.. 2005 was an interesting year i suppose.. i won’t get into detail.. it’ll take too long… but here’s some general stuff..

not in any particular order.

i picked up surfing – bought a snowboard – bought a camera – got rearended – got a guitar – changed churches – had a girlfriend – became an uncle – made a new computer – had a 3.17 gpa – joined a gym – moved on

i’m sure i missed something really important.. but i can’t remember what i ate yesterday. how am i to remember things i did before that?…

2005 ended pretty much the same way ’04 did.. broomballing with la central then driving aimlessly with toby. but 2004 ended with me wondering what i was going to do… my future was uncertain. 2005 is starting with me wondering how it’s going to turn out. i think my plans are pretty much set.

thoughts on topics


i love doing praise with rosemead. i love hanging out with the rosemead jr high. though at the same time, my spiritual life is in a crapshoot. i haven’t picked up my bible in months to read it. i currently don’t even know where it is. it’s a big jump from when i used to take notes on the sermons and lead family groups last year. i gotta work on this..


you know.. one of the biggest regrets i have right now is not keeping up with jooree. actually a couple days ago, i called her but she didn’t pick up. she called me back and left a message. i have yet to call her back..

i haven’t talked to andy k in a bit either

on the aspect of girls.. i’ve come to the realization.. that yes.. there are plenty of fish in the sea. but also that.. there are fish that are more special. i’m not sure if that makes sense at all.. but it leaves me with a feeling of relief and sadness.

the future:

well… que sera, sera.. we’ll see where God takes me. i already know i’m going to be moving in a couple weeks to a much bigger house. i’ve never moved in my life but i realize i don’t think i get attached to things that much and i move on rather quickly so i don’t think i feel so sad about it.

i know a couple other things’ll happen too


finish that song

six pack by summer

do more things i thought i couldn’t do


talk to God

read more books

clean my room

that’s all.. let’s put this in the time capsule and check to see how it went next year.