so.. i’m writing to you from my new house. i’m not sure how long i can make this.. or if this is going to go through… i’m currently stealing my neighbors’ internet… so, i’m not sure how long this’ll last. though.. i think they’re unaware of it cause.. well.. i mean… the router is stilled named default!.. i don’t think they know really what they’re doing.. they’re not sharing anything on their network.. i can’t imagine them putting some wep encryption on it… anyways.. we should have cable/dsl by next week anyways so.. just please be dumb for one more week..

it’s not as weird as people said it’d be living here… i don’t feel like this isn’t home.. i already call it home.. maybe it’s because we’re not selling the other place. the last night though… i went through a brief stage of sadness before i slept, although.. it could’ve been for other reason.

i currently have no furniture in my room. currently.. no one lives upstairs here except me.. at times it can be oddly lonely.. at night.. it’s eerily quiet. i can’t hear anything. it’s almost.. prison-esque because i’m so isolated… hoping to get my bed by thursday.. and the rest of my furniture… the cable still works… wonder how long that’ll last…

alright that’s it for now.. here’s some pics

i’m thinking about doing it again