jibberish that’d bore you –

danny inspired me to work on my website again. i pretty much spent most of my free time today trying to figure out how to add rss feeds to a website. i finally figured it out so i decided to add it to my site. while i was doing it, i figured i’d change my website around and use css. i ended up just rewriting the website from scratch. but in the end.. it made it so i didn’t need to use the rss i learned how to use before. o well.. it was fun anyways.. though.. it’s not done yet.. i need to add a title image, archives, links.. etc .. it looks like a xanga site now. something as you well should know.. i’m not too pleased about.

misc. jibberish –

you know.. i know i had something to write here before.. for the life of me, nothing’s coming to me. o well..

happy sabbath