i’m tired…. i need sleep. lots of it.. i slept at 5 this morning trying to get this computer to work. finally figured out it’s because my old motherboard is outdated. so i ordered another on newegg.com… my rooms a mess; there’s computer parts scattered everywhere in my room, all over my bed… thank God i have a queen size bed… it’s covered with parts.. i slept at small corner. i wake up to do laundry… and the machine is being used. the laundry machine is always being used! lately, other than last night, i’ve been sleeping for 9 hours a night and i still feel tired. i can’t sleep past 9 for the life of me. it’s starting to irritate me

i’m hungry… really hungry… i’ve had 2 bananas this morning.. i think i need to load up on some sugar… i start getting really irritated when i don’t get my sugar.

i feel like i’m going to be in a bad mood all day…