it’s been a while since i posted. it’s probably because i haven’t felt the need to post. maybe i’ve just wanted the thoughts going through my head to only be going through my head and no one elses. my website’s been down for… 4 days? which has been a slight reason why i haven’t been compelled to post. sure, anyone could look at the website by just going through the livingwaterfellowship site, but i’m too lazy to link it and only a few people know about it. it just means the 15 or so people that visit the site each day will have to find somewhere else to waste their time.

i’d recommend… that’s where i’m usually at.

i should take a picture of my back. i’m shedding like a snake. pieces of skin are flaking off my shoulders. that’s my punishment for not using sunscreen two days straight surfing. at least it doesn’t hurt anymore. at least now it’s not radiating an odd warmth. at least i’m not eating it….

contemplating what i should do for summer… sometimes.. God is interesting. but i’ll get into that some other time. i’ve decided i probably won’t go to puc unless i have a reason to. ie.. something to do there. it’s been long since i’ve gotten anything spiritual from the campmeetings, which i suppose is a terrible thing to say… if i’m not helping others find some spirituality, i’d just be in the way.

which makes me wonder.. what is the ultimate influence of campmeetings?… in the long run does it help or hurt someone’s spirituality? i’ve heard so many of the same sermons they don’t motivate me as much anymore. one of my friends from back when, judy namm, told me she hated the spiritual highs you get from campmeetings…

“spiritual highs mean there’s spiritual lows”

which i completely agree with. i think a true spiritual level with God would have no highs and lows. stability. i wish someone did a follow up on PUC campmeetings. everyone comes back from there with spiritual highs, but how long do they last? are they worse off afterwards? why don’t they last? what is at a campmeeting that isn’t there at church aon a weekly basis?

i’ve heard eastcoast campmeetings are better. what makes them different? maybe i’ll try it sometime. i hear gyc is great. maybe it’s because gyc isn’t run by koreans. oooo… blasphemy.. even empower is somewhat of a useless weekend. i love watching other races praise God. for korean churches it seems like it’s disrepectful to be heard during a sermon… but for a, let’s say black church, it’s almost disrepectful to not say anything. why aren’t we raising our hands to God. why aren’t we shouting amen. wouldn’t church be more exciting that way? why are we confined to sit quietly at our seats?