so i went to sleep at around 4 in the morning last night trying to get this darn program to work, and it finally did. woke up at 9 to go to class. cancelled. just my luck..

it’s good to know that i’ve done all my homework this year on time though. let’s keep that up.

i read something laureen wrote in her xanga the other day. she says she’s not relationship material.. and i thought to myself.. i don’t think i am either. i don’t think i can get myself to become dependant on one other person. i don’t see how being in a relationship can benefit me in anyway. i’d either have to find a sugar mama or someone who’s deeply rooted in God… the latter would be more ideal.

i need sleep.

and yes i know the la central website is down. it is beyond my control. on a sidenote, if you were to email me, send it to my gmail account.