you know… one of the hardest parts of posting is the title…. most of the time i’m fighting myself from writing the same title every time… random thought.. or… jibberish.. or nothing important.. too tired to figure out something witty to write as a title…

wow.. i just completely side-tracked. for some reason i decided to check on fatwallet right now. check on hard drives. i drove to best buy today to buy a 160 gig harddrive for 40 buck after $80 dollar rebate, but while i was walking into the store, gloria called and some how convinced me into not buying it. now that i think about it, i don’t know how she did that.

i haven’t had good sleep in too long. something about this room, or maybe it’s my bed.. or something. i’m constantly napping these days and still i don’t feel refreshed. and i feel extremely dry. my lack of sleep has nothing to do with josh and ethan. people always ask me, “do they wake you up?” and i can say i’ve never been woken up by them even though our rooms are adjacent.

i had mcdonalds fries with a ice cream cone.. man, that was so good.

i’m thinking about growing my hair long. i haven’t cut it in a month and a half. which indirectly makes me think of gas prices. man… i filled up for the first time in 2 and a half weeks, and it was 40 dollars to fill my tank. i don’t understand why there isn’t a bigger outcry about gas prices. i remember when it was 89 cents next to church.

i think i need to drink some water.

as we get older, we get wiser. our minds get sharper and we gain more understanding. but sadly eventually our bodies break down. i think that’s the most hardest part for me about this earth and one of the main reasons why heaven is so important to me. age strips away from the strongest of men and women. even the most proudest must bow their knees to it. it’s a terrible terrible thing.