i was talking to andy k today and well… the old latino pandas came up. good times. so i searched around my hard drive to find the logo aaron made. i knew i had it. aaron did a pretty good job if i do say so myself. i think he did it in paint. we don’t remember who the real members in it were though.

i realize… my website has been kinda boring ever since i broke my camera. i want a camera…

i’m using my new computer as a multimedia player right now… so right now it’s just a really expensive mp3 player. o.. and i’m talking on aim using it. in a sense.. it’s like i have a dual processor right now. i realize using remote desktop uses very little processing power.

i finally caved… i’m cutting my hair tomorrow. it’s just irritating.. my head feels too hot. i feel like i have things in my ears. i can twirl it around like a girl. i want to rip it out.

happy birthday gloria! here, we’re at the dodger playoff game that they won last year! it took like…. 2 hours to leave the parking lot afterwards.. but it was so much fun. wish you were around to hang out. who would’ve thought this girl that didn’t speak a word to me whenever i took her home is now one of my closest friends now. can’t wait to see you in a week.

man i’m dark in the picture.