i was watching the news the today… and one newsanchor said to the other to the affect of… “so.. will the rain finally stop?” and i thought to myself. finally stop?… it’s been only raining for a couple days! the last couple days though, i realized something about myself.

one. i’ve fooled myself to believe that i love it when it rains
two. i hate it when i’m cold

anyone that knows me well enough though… they’d be like… “wait a second. tim loves rain.. what’re you talking about, tim?”

three. i love it when it rains when it’s not cold.
four. i hate being cold and wet.

i realize… the point of time.. between when i’m coming back from the mountain after a long day of snowboarding and when i take a warm shower is the least favorite time of my life. i’m utterly miserable. when it’s cold and raining, i feel so isolated. so… unable to do anything.. i sit by the window and just watch the rain fall to the ground. it reminds of elementary and when it used to rain then… and how we’d be stuck inside the classrooms during recess.

when i’m finished surfing and it’s cold… i feel just as pathetic.

five. i love that that time of when it’s just about to rain… sprinkles maybe.. nothing more.

anyways… this post is kind of weird… i started it in class last thursday but didn’t finish until monday.. i’m not sure if my thoughts aligned.