apparently… i was tagged by andy on his xanga so here goes..

1. cluttered room/cluttered head
i’m a pretty messy guy as evidence of the state of my car and my room most of the time… the weird thing is.. whenever i’m somewhere and it’s a mess i can’t think straight. oddly enough, i believe i’m somewhat ocd. either that or claustophobic. i need order before i can do anything. that’s why before each major decision/test i have or take i need my area to be clean first.

2. i can’t say no
i have a hard time saying no to people and it takes a lot for me to actually say it. rather than saying it, i just ignore or avoid them. a lot of times i’m taken advantage of because of it and when i realize i’ve been taken advantage of i avoid them.

3. i’m extremely shy
i have slight social anxiety which may shock people. i don’t like being in social gatherings. i hate branching out and meeting new people. however, if i see someone sitting by themself, something else kicks in and i always approach them.

4. the clock in my shower in correct
i have a shower clock that is just impossible to open to change the time. so, last spring, when the clocks were sprung forward i couldn’t change it. for the last half a year, it’s been one hour ahead but because of daylight savings last sunday, it’s right again.

5. capital one card gone
i lost my capital one card about 3 months ago but i still haven’t reported it missing. why? because i have my bally’s and xm membership autobilled on it and i’m too lazy to switch them to my citibank card. i figure.. if someone wanted to use it, they would’ve used it by now, right?

6. i never forgot my first love
i love my jetta; i really do… but i still miss my firebird. i know it’s just a car, i know it’s been a while.. but there was just something about it. something that was just so… i don’t know. it completed me. i still dream about it sometimes. whenever i see one parked on the road i just stare at it for a little bit and let out a sigh.

7. 7 hours have passed since i started this blog
in the middle of writing this post, susan wanted to go out and eat ice cream so i did and then she got me to buy a cheesecake. see #2. then i had class and now i’m back.. and i’m now talking about kobe to arthur. who sucks. i love the clippers and anyone that hurts kobe.

dang it, sidetracked again.

8. TIMe ToIM TIM: tell me a random fact about me
Jester1711: you’re a kobe hater..but u really should join the bandwagon
susan m00ns: tim myung only has short term memory
gracle03: when you brake hard, you put your hand out in front of passenger
gracle03: the/your passenger
punkygurl011: you like to rub elbows while you walk next to people
(btw i hate this)
Laureen the Mean: you think you’re the best speed scrabble player
(i am)

9. i’m downloading ‘etta james – at last’
this is gotta be one of my alltime favorite songs. actually this version is broken. someone send it to me if they have it. someday i’ll find a girl that sounds just like this, plays the guitar amazingly, and looks like … umm.. something pretty and i’ll be forever floored. and she’s going to sing this song to me.

10. wasittimsmittisaw?
i lost my glove a couple months ago and i still haven’t replaced it. it fit my hand so perfectly. i’m debating buying the same one again.. but i might buy one that’s a little better. you can totally tell the difference in quality between a good glove and a cheap one.

that took me took me way too long to do.