grace nam and me

so i got an email this morning from myspace; apparently kange wanted me to add her to her friend list. after thinking about it for a bit i decided, eh… ok… i visit my myspace as often as i visit my friendster. (which is pretty much never) myspace, friendster, xanga – they’re all pretty amazing websites. a couple clicks here and there and i’m looking at people i graduated with 6 years ago. there’s that girl i had a crush on. there’s that guy that went to the same school as me for 12 years but i didn’t talk to. hey… i knew that guy was gay… etc etc..

a while ago, i made an observation to myself. for a guy that spends most of his time in temple city, i don’t run into people i knew in high school as often as i’d think i would. looking at the myspace’s though, i understand why. i don’t recognize any of these people. i’m sure i’ve actually crossed paths with most of them (most of them still reside in temple city) i just don’t think i identify them. names are familiar. but faces are a shadow of themselves. they’re covered with tattoos, drinking, drugs, kids… changing the image i once had of each of them. the fat ones are now skinny. skinny one’s now fat.

ben and grace so

it made me think… how much have i changed? looking through my hard drive i couldn’t find picture of me from 1999. i don’t think i took many pictures. the first picture is from 2001. i don’t talk to this girl anymore and i’m not sure why. if any of you have pictures of me from around… y2k.. send them to me. i’m interested to seeing them.

this picture was taken the same day as the first picture. these two actually look the same to me… if you look in the background, that chubby head you see is jay. i thought that was kinda funny. pre-waterpolo i believe.