another birthday to announce. yes it’s my little cousin’s birthday. this picture was taken… about 8 months ago. i have another picture of him about.. a year ago and man, he was tubby. we used to make fun of him all the time for being so chubby but because of football (i assume) he’s lost a lot of weight… now i guess we can only make fun of derek. jonathan grew a lot this year and i don’t mind hanging out with him anymore. he’s not a liability on the football field. he just doesn’t stand there anymore. he’s not very good at rook though or fantasy football… maybe next year, i’ll write that he’s good at those things too.

eh.. i doubt it.

here’s my advice to you:
life is a constant fantasy football draft. always learn from the mistakes you made the last draft and don’t repeat them. you need to always adapt and adjust. lastly, never pick up culpepper.

happy birthday jonathan! if you ever need a ride home from my house, you know you can always depend on me to tell you to walk.