i was browsing my mp3’s the other day… in the last couple years, i’ve managed to amass roughly over 7 gigs of music. that translates to about 1500 songs and if i listened to each song in my playlist and let it run continuously, it’d take me over 4 days to finish listening to them all. music is an incredible thing; especially how affects the mind. 1500 songs.. i’m sure i could recite at least one line in most of the songs. so much information that’s more or less useless.

Each song though holds something dear to my heart. Reminds of a time or place that i loved or maybe just wanted to forget. When i listen to coldplay, it reminds me of raymond and vivian and it gives me good feelings inside. when i listen to lifehouse, i’m reminded of anxiety i had from school and other things 2 years ago. don’t even mention sixpence none the richer. (although i don’t have an mp3 from them) my mood sours quickly. i tend to delete songs that make me feel that bad. though the other day… while perusing, i came across two songs that when i heard the beginnings of both, i was brought to tears.

i was brought to tears last monday. after spending the evening with my sister’s sick family, both my mom and i came down with fevers. i haven’t felt that bad in many years. around 4 in the morning on tuesday, i thought i was going to die. by 2 in the afternoon i was completely fine. one thing worth noting, however, is that i’ve only had one meal since sunday night though i’ll probably eat after i finish this post. this marks the second time i’ve been sick this season. i had a cold earlier this year. it must be because i’m always surrounded by two little germ carriers these days. hehe.

my sickness has prevented me from finishing my programming project. programming itself is pretty simple. what is hard is the bug checking that needs to be down. ted sent me a link the other day. it’s an article that documents fatal errors that have occured because of errors people had because of bad programming. it’s simple to code integer + integer = newinteger. but what happens if the stupid user puts a letter instead of an integer? programs crash. or according to the article, some times people die.

computers are stupid things. and i seem to know how to crash them. looking at my credit card balance last month, i realized i was double charged for tuition. well not double charged. but charged twice. my credit card was charged for what seems to be an arbitrary number. i went to the cashiers and they’ve never seen that happen before. it took them a week to sort it out and still they have no idea what happened. they’re just hoping the system won’t mess up again which i suppose is a warning to anyone that goes to pcc; check your credit card statements.

i’ve touched a mac only a couple times in my life and i’ve managed to crash them twice. macs are for little kids in elementary school anyways. the interface is so childish. looks like the new aim triton. which i’m sure the people at aol are regretting they made at the moment. eh…

find a bug, fix it.