bowling buddies

well.. we’re already 10 days into january… and this post is going to be really forced.. i’m tired and feeling lazy or something… and writing an entry in this blog is one of the last things i want to do at the moment.. but i feel like it’s been a long time since i have and it’s something i should do..

having 7 o’clock class is killer.

umm.. i guess i’ll just write whatever random things pop up in my head. i rarely look back and read what i wrote in the past, but whenever i do.. i like it…

yah yah.. i’m tired…

i’m listening to chris tomlin – unchanging…

i’m talking to susan.

i gave blood on monday and when she poked me to draw blood, she went too deep and hit a nerve. quite a painful experience.. she told me it’d hurt for a bit… it does. when i lift things with my right arm i get a weird sensation kinda like that of when you hit a funny bone…

give blood, save a life!

i think of jooree rather frequently.

i really need to clean my desk.

in 2006 –

i’m going to be open. not sure what that means but i’ll keep it to heart. i guess like.. call people… hmm.. i don’t call people. something like that

i’m going to be more flexible. i really can’t stretch at all.

i’m going to set boundaries. hardest thing for me to do is not care.. but sometimes i beat myself up too much because i do.

i’m going to try. be motivated. do things for myself.

my phone isn’t working well.. i need to get a new one… it keeps having network conflicts.

technology sucks