i’m fighting my urge to standup and walk away

i hate posting when i really don’t have anything to say. and this post is one of those. i know i’ll never hear the end of it though if i don’t. i haven’t been online much; been somewhat busy but i’d say a partial reason why i don’t come online is because i know someone’s going to nag me to update this site. haha.. i’m kidding. it’s mostly ’cause i’ve just been busy.

things i’ve learned

– one month in terms of dieting can go by very slow

– one month in terms of dating can go by very fast

– no drama is the best drama

– i’m above-average at speaker

– if you ask people nicely, people are genuinely nice

– i can get away with a lot of things simply because of the way i am

– i need to take care of my finances better

– my girlfriend’s smile is amazing to me though she has a fake smile that i’m not too fond of.

– my mood is influenced greatly by how much money i have saved

– time goes by way too fast

our second picture

i’ve got five days to decide if i want to renew this website. it costs me a little under 50 bucks a year which comes out to only about 4 bucks a month or so but lately i haven’t felt compelled to write anything.