after many many months of planning and dreaming i finally took the first major steps to making my car computer. i figure i’d document it .. though i have no camera except the one on my phone so i won’t be really taking any pictures

sunday night – i picked up my old computer from jay wang’s future sister-in-law’s house. i left my computer at his house for almost a year now and didn’t have a chance to ge tit back until now. it’s an AMD xp-m 2600+. though i encountered my first minor (possibly major setback). the chip doesn’t draw 45 watts like i first thought but 72 watts. i’m not sure if this’ll force me to buy a new one, but hopefully it won’t. we’ll see.

to power the system, i bought a m2-atx power supply. That was about 80 bucks on ebay. speaking of ebay, last week i also bought a touchscreen lcd monitor off of a seller named digitalww. hopefully both will work without problems.

monday – 2 weeks ago i bought a gps receiver (bu-353) off ebay from a seller called usglobalsat. hooked it up and installed iguidance 3.0. it works great. visual is kind of tacky but i’m just happy that it works.

instead of using a frontend, i decided to just use talisman desktop. i love the program. and it’s so easy to use. o.. and to save some time, i decided not to make a separate box but just use my mini-tower. it’s pretty small already.

any questions i have i go to great forum. though you really need to know how to search to get specific imformation. i’m pretty much done for the night. i just have to wait till wednesday to get the lcd screen. i also have to buy some wiring as well.

here’s the specs so far-
– amd xp-m 2600+
– biostar m7vig 400
– 2 sticks of 256 mb ram
– 1 dvd-rom
– trendnet usb wireless-b
– gps (bu-353)
– 7″ lcd (dww-700h)
– m2-atx

i’m also debating what kind of background to use. i realize i don’t have many pictures on this computer so send me some. i don’t even know what type of picture i want. if i use it, i’ll buy you ice cream

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