i said yes!


so the year is coming to an end.. so much is happening and so fast(ly)..

Today was Tim’s last day of work (yay!)
Good luck to Tim in his search for a new job..
His kids were so sweet to give him letters and gifts so he repaid them by giving them a free day.
Today was also Tim’s last day of dealing with the traffic on his drive home (yay! x2)
And for the rest of this week, he has to do the final preparations for the Christmas program at church (i think). I’m sure he will do well and I hope he won’t get too stressed out.

Next week is mammoth!
I’m so excited! And I’m sure Tim is too!
He bought new gloves recently so I bet he’s excited to use them! (or at least i would be..)
So he’ll be gone from the 25th to the 29th.

Tim said to write something about him so i’ll write a few things i learned about him this week..

1. his goal is to lose 10 lbs by the time mammoth comes up. I’m not sure if he is close or not..
2. he doesn’t cry anymore because his parents forced him not to.
3. he hates karaoke. he thinks it is not real singing.
4. he hates korean food.
5. Being around Tim makes everyone happy.

By the way Tim,
Do your devotional!! :]