not sure why, but all day today, i was under the impression that it was already february. and i feel slightly perplexed that it’s still january. i feel like i gained two days in my life. though, i have to admit, i’d much rather it be february right now.

i was tired of putting numbers in my post titles

i was looking over my website stats, and i got more than double my hits from last month. and there’s still two more days. in december, i had the lowest hits i’ve had on this site for a year. and this january is the most hits i’ve had in a year.

i think the increase of traffic is connected to two things; (minor) using tags in my posts and (major) link on my sister’s website.

though the extra traffic is nice, i realize it also means there’s more random people reading this website and i feel like i have to once again censor what i have to say. i probably won’t though. i don’t really write anything offensive anyway.

sometime next month, i’m going to get my 10,000th hit on the website. what a milestone. i guess i’ll tell you this, if i can figure out who my 10,000th hit is, i’ll give them ice cream. (ie, i know when sarah or joanne look at my website, because they leave guestbook messages)

chances are i won’t know who it was though