i haven’t talked to grace nam (aka tink) in months. maybe even a year. no no, i think it’s been only a couple months. she’s one of those people i rarely if ever talk to online, yet i keep her on my buddy list for reasons i’m not sure. possibly obligation or remembrance of a great friendship once had.

maybe, in the back of my head, i refuse to believe the friendship has faded away and i believe that though i haven’t talked to you in awhile, you’re still only an IM away. i’ve got friends from la sierra on my buddy list that i haven’t talked to since i went to la sierra.

i have ex girlfriends, ex enemies, ex kayamm-ers. pearl has been on my buddy list since then. i think i’ve talked to her once online. i was thinking about deleting her but she just added me on myspace.

my cousin added me on myspace too. i haven’t talked to her since my grandfather’s funeral last spring. sarah would always ask me…

“what did you do for (insert holliday)?”
i had dinner with family
“o, so you saw jamie and joe, and ashley, and jeremy and jung nam”
no, i had dinner with my mom’s side
“how come you never eat with your dad’s side?”
we just don’t

lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself

i had dinner with my dad’s side of the family last week. i think jeremy is hilarious. he reminds me of a young jamie.

so, grace decided to break our silent splendor to tell me there’s probably something psychological about the numbers in the titles of my last couple blog posts. till she pointed it out, i didn’t realize i was writing them.

my favorite number is 27

i’m sure the numbers mean nothing.

i’ve been reading a lot lately. when i say a lot, it means, i’ve been reading (period). i have a lot of time on my hands for a little bit. i read mitch albom’s tuesdays with morrie at mammoth. really liked it. read the five people you meet in heaven over the summer and liked the style. i liked tuesdays so much i bought his new book (advertised at starbucks) for one more day and finished it in about two days.

i bought alchemist by paulo coelho the other day. haven’t started it but plan to eventually. i like inspirational/motivational/memoir type books that are short.

i bought and watched love actually. i still think the movie is great. makes me almost tear up. my favorite story is the one about the two people that speak different languages but still love each other. after watching the movie, i went to see a movie with joe, jenn, david and joanne. we were supposed to watch the good shepherd but i drove to the wrong mann theater.

why are there’s two mann theaters in glendale?

we watched freedom writers instead. it’s reminiscent of morgan freeman’s film from the 80’s (joe, it’s called lean on me). same formula. determined teacher goes to a class where no one cares. cares. changes lives.

i guess it’s the same as dead poets society

pretty generic movie. maybe it was because i just saw love actually but the movie made me want to tear up. hilary swank looks like a man. she looks like she took shots in the head when filming million dollar baby. she looks like jennifer garner.

“it must’ve been a dare”

i liked for one more day. it’s another death related book by albom about how we remember people before we die. there’s a slight twist to the end. 5 people is about what happens in heaven after you die. tuesdays is about how to live before you die. i really need to buy my own copy of this book.

if i were to rank the books, they’d go
1. tuesdays with morrie
2. for one more day
3. the five people you meet in heaven

reading the books, watching the movie, grace’s im, joanne, makes me want to write a journal to have a reference to go back to someday. if blogger crashes/goes out of business i’d lose a lot of memories. but that won’t happen. it’s run by google now i think.

i’m going to write more in the next couple weeks because i have the extra time to do so. i’m going to write whenever i have a little free time on my hands and i’m sick of dota or baseball or doing nothing. maybe it’ll increase traffic on this website, but really it’s for me.

let’s start with God.