there are 72 square tiles on the ceiling of this room. i’d say each is about 2 feet square. there is also a column that goes across the middle of the room that is probably another 3 feet wide. i’d estimate this room is about 24′ by 13′. give or take a couple feet.

a girl is talking on her cell. she has left the room yet i can still hear her talking outside. what she is saying isn’t audible. not because i can’t hear it, but because i choose not to pay attention.

the silence is filled the hum of a few computer fans. at times, one of the fans spins loudly but only for a few seconds. in the distance, i hear fingers typing; my own and others. then there’s a mouse click here and there.

25 computers with twenty-five keyboards and 25 monitors and twenty five mice scattered on 25 mouse pads.

3 students.

two paintings or at least i think they’re painting decorate the far wall. there are 99 full boxes in the painting on the left. 56 on the right. white black and yellow, and red and yellow. under one painting is some writing. from where i’m sitting, it’s illegible to me. i’d assume it’s about the painter.

sitting offcenter between the paintings is a clock. the secondhand spins almost faster than i feel like it should. the minute hand creeps close to 2.

the flourescent ceiling lights hang above my head. one of the 8 is not working. hanging also from the ceiling on the column is a projector. it faces the front wall. i wonder how often it’s used.

i wonder the same about the whiteboard that it’s facing.

2 students.

the windows are closed. i can make out the yellow glow of street lamps behind the blinds. the sun was still out when i entered the library. the sun must be setting.

the day is ending. this lab is closing. so are my eyes. but i have a class to go to.

1 student.