pictures i’d been meaning to upload for some time

car in dashboardcomputer in glove compartment

lcd closed

lcd opened

finished this version of the carputer awhile ago but i just didn’t get around to post the pics of it.

i realized, using the top of the box i bought at the container store, the motherboard/cpu fit perfectly in the dashboard after ripping out the back of the glove compartment. i opted for inside the dash over the trunk because the extension vga cable i bought sent a bad signal causing double vision on the lcd. the miniplug extension caused alternator whine too.

negatives about the computer being in the dash
– i can hear the fan when the car is quiet
– i can hear the hard drive spinning at times
– not sure if there’s room for a dvd player
– i can’t use the glove compartment

i’ll live with it for now

next version

– add the dvd drive
– move it to trunk
– use an amp for sound
– change OS to something linux based
– add switch to turn on the computer without turning the car on
– add switch to turn off the computer without turning off the car

a couple more notes
– i had a wireless-b usb dongle on the computer but it would drain my car battery. i kept having low battery issues with my car before i removed it. i only used it to transfer files from my home pc to my carpc but the transfer was much too slow. just taking out the hard drive and using my external hard drive enclosure makes transferring much faster.
– i broke the touchscreen a couple weeks ago in fit of rage. i sent in for a replacement and it was a really easy fix.
– i’ve been using talisman as my desktop shell but it makes loading the computer take extra long. i don’t like that. the reason i decided against using linux before was because of the need for the wireless-b usb dongle but now that’s not an issue.